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Ambassador Partners For Change Eithopia

It's been an exciting week. Brian and I have become Ambassadors for charity Partners for Change Ethiopia.

Since the Ethiopian famine of 1984 Partners for Change Ethiopia has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of orphan and vulnerable children. They work closely with the poorest people and help them to find carers for orphans and to provide everything a child needs in order to live a healthy, stimulating life with opportunities to grow and flourish.

Earlier this month Brian and I went to BBC broadcast centre and interviewed Michael Buerk for Media Hub's 5th Birthday and to help raise funds for to save Gende Tesfa Breakfast Club to make sure children have breakfast before school. Michael reported on the Ethiopian famine back in October 1984 and inspired Band Aid charity and Live Aid concert. To this day Buerk's broadcast is still one of the most famous television reports and every time I watch it I get emotional.

Left to right Sarah Parfitt from media Hub, Michael Buerk, Gemma-Leigh James, Brian Naylor

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